Sunday, March 9, 2008


Cubed is the new name for a game I used to call "Unstackable"

This game started life as a mini-game in my GDS entry Duke of the hill on the BGDW site.
By Dwight Sullivan

2 players
12 minutes

Parts –
1 cloth bag
64 1” colored cubes; 3 yellow, 16 red, and 45 Black

Game Play –
The game is in two parts. Players first create a 4x4x4 cube by stacking up the colored cubs. Then they take turns tying to score points by unshackling them yet leaving no scoring opportunities for their opponent.

Set-up –
Pour the cubes out where both players can reach them and place the bag flat between the players.

Choose someone to go first.

First Stage: STACKING -
Players take turns stacking the cubes until they have a 4x4x4 larger cube.
They choose one of the 3 colors. If they choose black they can place 3 cubes, if they choose red they can place 2, if they choose yellow they can only choose one.
There are only two rules while stacking:
1 – You have to place your cubes squarely next to another cube or on top of another cube.
2 – You can never place a cube such that the side you are building will be larger than 4 wide, 4 deep, or 4 tall.

If you have only black cubes remaining you no longer need to take turns. Simply add all the remaining cubes to fill in the rest of the holes.

When you are done you will have this:

The last player to player to stack a red cube will go second in the next stage.

Second Stage: UNSTACKING –
Taking turns, players will remove two blocks per turn. They will remove the two blocks one at a time placing the first block each turn into one pile near them and the second into a second pile.

The only rule for removing a block is: The block has to be exposed on at least 3 sides before it can be removed. Meaning you can not remove a that is between other blocks.

Scoring –
Scoring is based on which pile the cubes are in.

First pile:
Yellow 5 points
Red 3 points
Black 0 points

Second pile:
Yellow 0 points
Red 0 points
Black 1 point

In the picture above the first pile scores 3 points and the second pile will score 1 point for a total of 4 points.

Each player will get 16 turns. When the last cube is drawn the player with the most points wins.

Strategy –
The cube is built on the bag so you can easily rotate it to see all sides before choosing which you will remove.

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