Saturday, February 23, 2008

safari party

By Dwight Sullivan and Mark Galvez

This is a block stacking game.

Players: 2 to 6
Age range: 5 to 9
Game time: 10 to 15 minutes

Howie’s Small Party
One day, Howie the hippo decided to have a small party for some of his friends at the zoo. So he called his other hippo friends, Lucy, Fred, Ethel, Sam, Bill, and Marietta.

Marietta asked if she could invite a couple of her friends. Howie said sure a couple more couldn’t hurt. So she called her Elephant friends Frank, George, Sean, Matt, Marry, and Susan.

Susan then asked if she could invite a couple of her friends and Marietta said sure a couple more couldn’t hurt. So she called her Giraffe friends Tom, Mark, Nancy, Dean, and Bob.

Bob then asked if he could invite a couple of his friends and Susan said sure a couple more couldn’t hurt. So he called his Monkey friends James, Jack, David, Brian, Max, Tory, Nick, Rob, and Morgan.

Boy was Howie surprised when everyone showed up!

6” X 6” Board
18 Elephant blocks
18 Hippo blocks
18 Giraffe blocks
30 Monkey blocks
Buzzer (small 12 second timer that buzzes when the time is up)

Place the board in center on a flat steady surface.

Place the buzzer near the board.

Give each player: 3 Elephant blocks, 3 Hippo blocks, 3 Giraffe blocks, and 5 Monkey blocks.

The youngest player goes first and then play continues to the left.

Each Turn:
On your turn choose one of your animals then start the Buzzer.

You have to add the animal anywhere on the board or on other animals.

You can place it any way you want as long as it stays on the board or the other animals. No animal can touch the table.

You can only touch your own animals. You can not push or move the other animals.

If the Stack falls and one or more animals touch the table during your turn then that your are out and the remaining players have to start a new round.

If the Buzzer goes off that you have to end your turn and it’s the next players turn.

If you are playing your last piece you have to cry out “Safari Party”. Otherwise it’s the next players turn.

If it is your turn and you have no more pieces to play you win!

If you are the last player in the game you win!

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