Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ice Castle Danger

“Jane, not since the 1976 winter games have we seen the kind of ICD competition we have seen here today!”

“I agree Ted.”

“This year I believe the Bulgarian team will take the gold but you should never discount the French when it comes to Ice Castle Danger!”

Ice Castle Danger
By -Dwight Sullivan and Mark Galvez

For teams of 2 to 3 players each

Stuff in the box:
6 plastic snowball catapults
30 heavy weighted plastic snowballs
10 custom ice trays
66 colored disk inserts; 30 red, 30 blue, and 6 gold
1 3 foot by 4 foot metal tray With 2 Castle templates drawn on each end; 1 Red and 1 Blue.

STEP 1 – Make room in your freezer.
STEP 2 – Put 3 red disks, 3 blue disks and 1 gold disk (until the gold run out) in each Ice Tray. 1 or 2 openings in each tray will have no disk.

STEP 3 – Fill the Ice trays with water and place in freezer. Wait until frozen.
STEP 4 – Place the metal tray in the center of your kitchen table.
STEP 5 – Place 5 ice trays near each castle template.
STEP 6 – Split up into two teams. Each team should discuss who will crack trays and whole will build the castle. Also they should discuss castle building strategy and where their 3 gold bricks will go.
STEP 7 – Put all the catapults and snowballs near by but NOT on the tray.
STEP 8 – Someone say “GO”.

PHASE ONE – Castle construction
Simultaneously both teams start cracking the ice trays over the tray releasing the 100 2 inch by 2 inch square bricks of ice piled up and sliding around the tray. At the same time both teams begin building their castles with the following 2 rules:
1 – Each castle has to use all the slabs of their color and can use as many clear slabs as they want.
2 – Each castle has to include exactly 3 gold slabs anywhere within it higher than the second level up of bricks.

The first team finished building their castle will be the first to shoot their snowballs at the other castle.

PHASE TWO – Castle destruction
Teams take turns loading their catapults behind their firing lines and firing them at the other castle. Each member of the team gets 1 shot.

First team to get the other castle to loose all three of its gold bricks wins!


Tim said...

Have you brought this to BGDW? I want to play. This is a really fun idea.

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