Monday, February 25, 2008

The Secret-Society-of-Deadly-Dead-Celebrities

By Dwight Sullivan and Mark Galvez

You are part of an evil super-secret society of dead people. Your mission: to build a dooms-day-device faster than your fellow members so that YOU will be the most famous dead person ever.

In an effort to save man-kind the wiki-tiki people that are native to these waters have stolen all the parts you need and have scattered them across their area.

2 to 4 players
Time: 1 hour
Age: 18+

What’s in the box?
1 - Board representing a tropical region with some islands and underwater caves. You move around the board looking for the parts you need to build your dooms-day-device.

10 – Cast cards:
Each player will always have one of these cards. They show who you are and what the list of parts you need to gather to build your dooms-day-device.

4 – Pawns: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red; one for each player.

20 – Dooms-day-device parts 2 of each:
· Atomic Atomizer
· Flux Capacitor
· Chewing Gum
· Duct tape
· Nuclear ionizer
· DNA sequence from Jimmy Hoffa
· Moisture Vaporator
· Space Modulator
· Quantum Singularity
· Particle Beaminator
These are cardboard chits and they all have the same back. They start face down on the board waiting to be found.

4 – Action double-dice, one for each player. These are palm size clear cubes with one smaller regular die inside that you can shake. The outer clear cube has a word written on each side: BOAT, SUBMARINE, JET-PACK, SEARCH, TRADE, and GUESS.

20 – Double-Dice. Large tinted translucent dice with a smaller red die inside. 32 are translucent blue and 32 are translucent red.

1 – Wiki-Tiki Challenge board. This board is a grid of squares 4x4. Each square barely holds 1 double-dice.

Plop the board in the exact center of the table.

Each player gets a random cast card face down. They keep it a secret. Deal three cast cards face down to be used later. The rest of the cast cards are placed face-up are not used but the players can see what they are.

Each player chooses a colored pawn.

The 20 dooms-day chits are mixed face down and 4 are placed on each of the 5 locations on the board.

Each turn begins with everyone simultaneously choosing what action to take with their Action Double-Die.

1 - All players secretly choose which action they want to do from the choices on the action die. Then they place the chosen action into their palm and begin shaking the die vigorously. No one can tell what you have chosen if you are shaking it vigorously.

2 - When everyone is ready all players slam down their die and remove their hand simultaneously reveling all the chosen actions and the value of the regular dice on the inside.

If two people at the same location chose the same action then they look at the die inside. The one with the highest number wins and does the action. If they still tie then they must play the deadly-dice showdown game.

Deadly-dice Showdown mini-game: Each player in the showdown takes 5 double-dice, shakes them and rolls them on the table. The player that rolls the most doubles wins. A double is when both die (inner and outer) have the same value.

Showdown Losers don’t get to do an action this turn.

Showdown Winners and all not in showdowns do their chosen actions in the following order:

GUESS - The player can do one of two things:
1 – Can ask any one yes or no question about the showdown winner’s cast card identity. EXAMPLE: “Is your character a male?”
2 – Can make a guess about the true identity of a players cast card.
If the guess is correct the player has to exchange their cast card with one of the face-down cast without looking at it.

If the guess was incorrect the guesser has to show their identity to all. Then they have to exchange their character with a face-down cast without looking at it.

SEARCH: The player can look at the face-down chits at their location on the board and take one. Players can have a maximum of 5 parts. If they have too many they have to put one back at the location. All parts a player has are face-up and known by all.

TRADE: The trading player can trade one part with anyone else at the same location.

BOAT, SUBMARINE, and JET-PACK are move actions. The player moves his pawn following that path.

The Winner – A players that have all five of their pieces at the end of a turn wins the game!

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