Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sex, Lies, and Hatchets

This was an early draft of this GDS enrty. I can not find anything else.

Are compatible with your partner or do you secretly want to kill them? It’s cheaper than therapy.

This game is for 2 or 3 teams of 2 players each, with a 45 minute playing time.

Your tools:
1 - Pop-O-Matic™ phrase selector and timer. This has two dice inside a clear dome. When the dome is pressed it will do two things at once. The dice are rolled reveling two new words. One word is an adjective and will apply to the second word which is a noun. For Example: HUMONGOUS MOTHER-IN-LAW. It also starts a timer that beeps 3 times then buzzes and the players begin. During play the timer will beep slow at first and then speed up until it will buzz again to announce the end of the round.

6 – Dice Cups. These cups easily hold 9 dice.

54 – Dice, 9 for each player. Each die has 6 symbols: Heart, Male and female sex symbols, dollar sign, smiley face, solid Red, and a hatchet.

6 – Screens. These screens hide what symbol the player is building and show as a reminder the different symbols and simple rules.

1 – Small pad of paper and pencil

Place the Pop-O-Matic™ in the center where all can read it.

Give each player 1 cup, 1 screen, and 9 dice. They place the screen in front of them so it will hide what they roll.

Give the paper and pencil to someone to be score keeper.

One player press the Pop-O-Matic™. The players can read the new two-word phrase. The timer will start in 3 seconds. During this time the each player will decide which symbol on each die best matches the two-word phrase. They keep this decision secret.

When the buzzer sounds, and the timer starts, each player begins rolling their nine dice into their screens. The set aside each die that rolls the symbol they are looking for. Then they may place the rest of the dice into their cup and re-roll OR they may shout “Sex, Lies, and Hatchets” ending the round.

If anyone yells “Sex, Lies, and Hatchets” or the Pop-O-Matic™ timer buzzes then all players have to stop rolling.

The players remove their screen revealing what they have rolled and all will score the round.

You play this 4 times. The team with the highest scores are either very compatible or should start taking separate vacations.

· If both players collected the same symbol they add the number of dice they have between them and this is their score.
· If they collected different symbols then they subtract the smaller count from the larger and this is their score.

And they lived happily ever after:
After four scoring rounds the team with the highest score is the winning team.

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